Twitter Redux (Sep 2008 - Dec 2008)

The blog has lain fallow for more than a year. However from September 2008, I have been active on Twitter (@urajat). Since my updates on Twitter are protected, I thought I would collect some of my better (re)tweets/links/conversations here for public consumption. Some of the tweets are followed by annotations in italics. The links posted here will mostly be of the shortened variety, although I might get them to expand automatically in future posts. Till then, bear with me.

The questions seem all wrong! :-) -

"Happy Christmas everyone!" -

Kevin Carter -

Stephen Colbert at White House Correspondents' Association Dinner - [Google Video]

The invisible man rescuing art -

[Once upon a time in Bangalore on Route No. 11]

Nice problem -

Netflix : If You Liked This, Sure to Love That -

[The change of guard in Indian cricket has pulled the rug out from under the feet of a generation of cricket watchers]

David Foster Wallace -

Randall Munroe's (xkcd) visit to Google -

Managed to get a Java null pointer exception in Matlab while undoing and redoing edits!

McCain in Maine ( - Stephen King could probably cook up a plot here :-)

Term paper madness -

Netflix releases API. The ratings are finally free (as in freedom).

Trying to get my T-Mobile rebate. Since June :-(
[More on this saga in a separate post]

Damascus swords & nanotech -

Richard Feynman and The Connection Machine (

"Give you an idea how bad the American economy is - Mexico is now calling for a fence along the border" - Jay Leno

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