I have moved!

After much rumination, procrastination, research, planning & testing I have finally managed to set up my own website. I have also moved my blog from its old home to http://rajatupadhyaya.net/blog/. Please update your bookmarks & the links which were pointing to my Blogger site. You don't need to update the feed URL as it has already been redirected to the feed URL at this site.

This site is still "a work in progress". Much of the content here is preliminary. I am doing my best to remedy this situation though.

Comments and feedback are welcome.

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First Anniversary

It has been a year since I started this blog with this post. The most memorable thing about that first post was the first comment that was registered - by Mr.Barger himself in response to the "Did you know?" section in that post. "How did he know about your blog?", you may ask. Presumably he had used one of those tracker thingies which send out alerts whenever there is some new content on the web about the topics you specify. Anyway, thanks Mr.Barger - for the comment (that made my day) and for the erstwhile neologism.

Thanks to all of you who still try to follow my posts despite my erratic posting patterns. Muchas gracias!

P.S. I have certain things planned for the blog. Let us see how things turn out. (And for the Doubting Thomases out there, I am not joking. ;-))

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