In Art, which is the 18th episode of the Dilbert animated series, Dilbert is attending an art appreciation class by "esteemed art expert" Sister Wanda Beaver at the museum. The following is an abridged transcript of the scene.

Scene 1

Sister (explaining a painting) : "...the artist uses colour to convey his message of being trapped in a career that was a huge mistake. Forced to wear drab clothing, forbidden to explore his intense smouldering urges."

Sister then moves on to another painting leaving Dilbert befuddled.

The first painting

Sister (at the second painting) : "In this floral treatment, we can feel the artist's desire to spring colourfully from his container leaving behind his career that was a huge, huge mistake."

Sister at the second painting

Dogbert : "Hmm, I am also seeing some smouldering urges from the carnation."

Sister : "You are the quick learner Mr.Dogbert. The rendering is indeed packed with erotic imagery."

Dilbert (skeptical) : "What imagery?"

Dogbert : "Oh, it's there."

Sister : "You can't spell 'carnation' without 'carnal'."

Dilbert : "Actually you can't spell 'carnation' with 'carnal'. That would be 'carnaltion'."

Sister : "But you can't spell it without car and cars have backseats, do they not?"

Dilbert : "Not in the 17th century when that was painted."

Sister hits Dilbert with a ruler.

Scene 2

At the end of the episode, at Dogbert's Emporium, Dilbert is talking to Dogbert about art when Sister arrives with some people to show them the "art" which Dogbert is showcasing.

At Dogbert's Emporium

Sister : "Those T-shirts reveal the mystery of truth and beauty themselves. As undergarments for our soul they express our deep longing for tactile stimulation, hidden beneath our starched collars and coarse fabrics."

Sister hits Dilbert with a ruler while moving on.

These scenes left me in splits. I wonder how Scott comes up with such situations :-).

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