My pet peeve with Gmail

When you open a mail in your Inbox, the view looks like this :

Gmail Inbox

When you open your Spam folder, what you see is this :

Gmail Spam folder

Notice the order of the buttons for deleting and marking a mail as spam/not spam - they are interchanged in these two views. I am used to hitting the Delete button on the right side in my Inbox (though of late, I prefer to use the shortcut - 'Shift' + '#'). The same tendency persists when I am in the Spam folder too. But thanks to the reversed order, I keep hitting the Not Spam button even for mails which graciously offer to help me overcome my 'insecurities'. Aaarghhh!!!

What's that? Why do I even bother deleting mails from my Inbox when I have so much space? Well, I prefer to think of it this way - just because you have a big house doesn't mean that you don't need to throw out your trash regularly. Now why do I check my Spam folder at all? You can't tell if an important mail has been incorrectly sent to the Spam folder if you don't keep checking it regularly. Morever checking the Spam folder in Gmail is hardly a chore - the spam filters in Gmail are very efficient and I hardly get any spam messages.

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