A Bookworm's Diet

Long time since I posted an update here. Over the last 2-3 months I have read the following :-

I went to Landmark last Friday to redeem some coupons I had won for coming 2nd in an intra-company quiz. I bought Snow & Istanbul : Memories and the City, both by Orhan Pamuk. With Pamuk winning this year's Nobel Prize for Literature, a whole shelf at Landmark has been filled with copies of his books. Earlier one had to search around for his books. I have begun reading Istanbul (heavenly stuff).

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Doodle - 2

As promised before, here's my second attempt (this time it is a lame commentary on a lame idea) :-

Take 5

This started with Lal Badshah's post here. I was about to post a comment about the Take 5 picture there when it struck me that I could probably express it better with a picture.

At least, I tried ;-).

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