Who wants to be a Millionaire?

I can barely stop sighing when I think about this video.

How I wish I had been in his place! Not for the million as such (though it wouldn't have hurt to get that too), but for the sheer style in which he got that million. Perfect clip for a MasterCard ad (more or less).

Answering the 14th question - $500,000
Answering the 15th question - $1,000,000
Winding it up in style on TV - Priceless

John Carpenter, take a bow!

P.S. : Brings back memories of the lost opportunity at University Challenge in 2003. *SIGH*

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Targeted advertising?

Yesterday I was checking out a page on Yahoo! News when I saw the ad below embedded in the page :-

IE ad from Yahoo!

Could this be some kind of targeted advertising for Firefox users like me? Or is this just a coincidence? Either way it is pretty funny when IE is recommended as an 'upgrade' to Firefox ;-).

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iPhone : What's in a name?

Cisco sued Apple for trademark infringement over the iPhone name. But I don't know how many people would actually associate Cisco with the name iPhone, especially considering all the buzz that had built up around Apple's much awaited gadget. Now with the highly publicized launch of the Apple iPhone, the chances that anybody will get confused between the offerings from Cisco and Apple are remote, to say the least. With a victory in the case (which is more or less assured) Cisco will also get to brag about the time when they put the mighty & arrogant Steve Jobs in his place. Not that many would be impressed. Jobs would be subject to some ridicule but will be secretly envied (revered?) for his chutzpah. Cisco might as well cash out when they have all the aces in hand. With this lawsuit, Cisco is now in a much better position to bargain with Apple.

Coming to the phone itself, the main problem with it would be the constant need to keep wiping its surface to remove the drool ;-). Of course, even without the drool, the multi-touch display would be prone to smudges - but nothing that a "crass wipe" against your pants can't correct. I suspect that a popular accessory will be a soft cloth with the Apple logo on it to clean the precious phone ;-). Anyway be sure to feast your eyes on the numerous images of the phone available through a quick Google search. After all, "a picture is worth a thousand words" and "a thing of beauty is a joy forever"... :-)

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