Warring Knights

In 2002, a Game Design contest was held as part of Tathva, the technical fest of National Institute of Technology Calicut (NITC). Despite being in my freshman year (2nd semester) and having just learnt C over the previous semester, I set out to design the game (talk about naiveté). After nearly a month of working nights at the computer centre, I finally managed to complete it, albeit on the last date for entries. The game was written using the graphics library in Borland's Turbo C++ IDE Version 3.0 and ran only on DOS/Windows. Now when I see the code I am astounded that I could have written such gross code - no comments, cryptic function names and whatnot!

After all these years, the details of the contest are a bit fuzzy. Nevertheless I shall try to reproduce them here. The objective of the contest was to design a game called Warring Knights. The game is played on a 5x5 chess board with a single white knight & a single black one. The pieces are placed on diagonally opposite ends of the board with the white knight on a white square and the black knight on a black one. The game pits a human player against the computer. Standard knight moves from chess apply. Additionally, a square once occupied by either piece is out of bounds for either piece from that point onwards. The objective of the game is to either capture your opponent's knight or force it into a position from where it can make no more moves.

Check out the Flash demo of the game below.