Frequently Asked Questions

What software do you use to manage this site? I started off with Blogger in 2005. In April 2006, I moved to the PHP-based WordPress. In December 2008, I shifted the site to a custom content management system written using the Python-based Django.

What about the look and feel of the site? The Wordpress site used a modified version of the NFOoverload theme. The current theme is a custom one.

Why did you create the site in the first place? I started blogging at Blogger in April 2005. Blogger is an excellent platform for a beginner. But with time, I began to see the limitations of Blogger. After much investigation & testing, I opened this site in April 2006 on a Wordpress install on shared hosting. After 2 years, I started hitting some limitations of Wordpress. In December 2008, I moved to Django on my own virtual server at Linode.

Where do you host your site? Initially I bought the space for the site from Nettigritty. In December 2008, I moved to my own virtual server (running openSUSE) at Linode. I got the domain name from Lead Networks.