A faithful copy (more or less) of the printed one which we used in 2005

Incident 2005

English Crossword Prelims

The Cross Talkers : Rajat & Venu


  1. Teams of 2 members (max).
  2. Time Limit : 30 minutes.
  3. 6 teams will be selected for the finals.
  4. For deciding the finalists, the first criterion is the number of correct answers (with correct spellings). In case of ties, the time of submission will be the second criterion. If the ties are still unresolved, starred clues will be the third criterion.
  5. The finals will be held on Saturday, 26th February at 1330 hrs in ATB Seminar Hall.
  6. The co-ordinators claim supreme overlordship over lexical terrain; any revolutionary thoughts, may kindly be relegated to their rightful resting places (not necessarily the cerebral cortex ;-)

Starters : The first course

The solved grid can be found here