Twitter Redux (Apr 2009 - May 2009)

Twitter Redux (Jun 2009)

Welcome to your Quarterlife Crisis -

Modern Love: Somewhere Inside, a Path to Empathy -

Walkman v iPod: A 13 year old boy's verdict (Makes me feel ancient)

RT @udupendra: - Nice analysis of the comic book industry (hat tip @gkjohn)

RT @uvfan: Awesome destinations! :)

RT @jeresig The Netflix Grand Prize % has been breached: The top 3(4) teams merged to create one winning solution.
[The new team, BellKor's Pragmatic Chaos -]

ROTFL. I think I might have seen a few such people
[I compulsively hover my mouse over any webcomic I encounter. Damn you, xkcd! :-)]

RT @aadisht: Colour photography in early 20th century Russia:

A bit disappointing that Intel's ad uses an actor to play Ajay Bhatt - (via @prempanicker :

Jumbo welcome for Aditi's new employees *ahem* - [YouTube]

Internet ©rapshoot: How Internet Gatekeepers Stifle Progress -

Erik Naggum (1965-2009) (Check out the flame war links. Vitriolic falls short for describing them)

"You can't judge a book by its movie", "Dyslexics have more fnu" and more -

Raises the URL shortening grouse I have always had with Twitter -
[I wish Twitter would allow hyperlinks. These shortened URLs are such a pain. After opening a few, I don't know who tweeted what.]

RT @venusatuluri: Why you (not) sleep with Mother Teresa?

Why did MSD feel the heat/lose his cool at the post-match conference? Because there was no Orient PSPO fan in the hall.

Sounds like extended EAMCET with national scope. What say @venusatuluri? -

Dhoni should probably carry Aircel Pocket Internet with him while batting too. Maybe then he can become Man of the Match ;-)

@chan2182 Sadly no - Ideally I should have a public profile and msgs should be public by default with the option to tag msgs as private. delicious uses a similar model where you can mark links as 'Do Not Share'. Such a feature is long overdue on Twitter.
[In reply to the question: "When I reply to @someone who doesn't follow me, does @someone still see my tweet? Given that I've protected my updates from non-followers?"]

The Exodus Obama Forgot to Mention - (HT: @mahesh_shastry)

25 Years of Tetris: From Russia With Fun! -

The Land of No Smiles - (HT @sharathrao)

@uvfan Could be a recursive acronym too. Bing Is Not Google.
[In response to the question: Is Bing an acronym for "But It's Not Google"?]

Ideal search result for Google on Bing: "Google not found. Did you mean 'googol'?

Q: Connect Al Gore to Superman A:

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