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We did manage to catch the first bus the next day, despite a drizzle being our steady companion on our walk from the hotel to the bus stand. Our return journey proved to be a much better visual treat. The curves and bends in the roads and the way the roads snaked up and down the hills had a soothing effect on us, which served to dispel much of the previous day's misery (which Seal preferred to refer to as "Kett(a) Kanas(u)" - Kannada for nightmare). At one point during our journey, a fellow seated in the same row as us, got up and gave me some change, leaving me nonplussed. Then he explained that a temple would be there on the roadside and I would have to throw the dakshina into it (I was occupying the window seat). There were other people who were doing the same and I managed to ensure that the coins landed safely inside the temple. We finally landed up in Pune at around 11.30 A.M.

The evening saw us at a mall called E-Square where Figure treated us to a show of X-Men : The Last Stand. Thusly I managed to maintain my long standing habit of watching the sequels before the prequels themselves. Nevertheless I enjoyed the movie (I had actually seen the preview on TV in Mahabaleshwar. What's more, I had TD beside me).

Later in the evening, we bade goodbye to dear Figya and set out for our pickup point near Swar Gate. Obtaining the bus tickets had been a challenge too. We had neglected to book them early on. On our return from Mahabaleshwar, we found them to be at a premium. Backup plans had been quickly made - bus to Mangalore for a visit to our alma mater, bus to Belgaum, bus to Hyderabad (TD's plan). In the end, thankfully, we didn't have to resort to these plans.

After a comfortable bus ride (saw the laugh riot, Hulchul and the predictable 'thriller' Aksar), we reached Bangalore in the afternoon. As we got down, wating auto drivers offered to get us lodging in the "cheap-n-best" hotels. I waved one away with a "no thanks" in Hindi, before remembering that I could get back to using Kannada for my quotidian transactions. I smiled at my absent-mindedness and as the camera zoomed out, I slung my backpack over my shoulder and began the long walk home, with the wind ruffling my hair and some vague instrumental music playing in the background. We proceeded to 'thumb' a passing auto for a ride back home.


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